Do I have to be in good physical shape to learn to dive?

You don`t have to be an Olympic Athlete to Scuba Dive, but you do need to be in good general shape. If walking a mile or swimming 400m is too much for you, then you will need to get into better shape before learning to dive. Scuba diving is not strenuous in itself, but we always advise all divers and prospective divers to maintain a good level of physical fitness.

I have Asthma - does that mean I can`t dive?

It depends on the nature of the Asthma. If you are in any doubt, the best advice is to contact a diving doctor, who will perform a series of routine checks and ask you questions which could determine your fitness for diving.

I tried Scuba Diving a couple of years ago - does that mean I can skip part of the course?

If you`ve completed a Discover Scuba Diving experience during the past year, you may be eligible for a "course credit". Contact your instructor for that course and ask for your "referral form". This is a form documenting what you have done so far (and where and when you complete it). If you continue your diving education within one year, then you can save re-doing the parts of the course you`ve already completed.

If I learn to dive in Dahab, can I dive at home also?

Essentially, yes. Your training qualifies you to dive in conditions equal or better than the ones you trained in. Obviously, if you are learning to dive in Dahab, and then going to back to colder waters, you will need to conduct a local orientation dive (or Discover Local Diving) with a PADI Professional, once you`re back home.

I wear contact lenses - is this a problem?

Not at all - in this case you have the option of closing your eyes during mask removal (one of the core exercises of the course), or not wearing your contact lenses at all, in which case you could choose an optically corrected mask. Plenty of divers dive with contact lenses with no additional problems

All taxes are included in the booking prices?

Absolutely yes. We prefer to introduce our prices including taxes to be more transparent and, more importantly, meeting your expectations.

Can I begin my course at home, and save time while I`m on holiday?

Yes: You can complete the pool dives and knowledge development before you travel at your local PADI diving centre, and complete the open water session with us. We offer the Open Water Referral activity purely for that purpose. Ask your local PADI centre for more details. You can find lists of centres in different countries from the PADI web site. The other option one has is to enroll in the PADI eLearning scheme.

Why is a PADI course the best option for me? What about BSAC or CMAS?

PADI is the most recognised diver training agency world-wide. That means that wherever you go to dive, your PADI certificate will be valid. Although other training agencies such as BSAC and CMAS offer good programmes of learning to dive and continuing education, we feel that you should receive the most recognised certificate possible.

Is it true that I`ll spend a lot of time studying Diving theory before we go in the water?

No - we emphasise practical exercises and fun during the Learn to dive process. Although the course does include theory modules, they are easy, quick and fun - and don`t take up much of the course time.

I don`t have enough time to do a PADI Open Water course, but I want to get certified. How can you help me?

We offer the Discover Scuba Diving option and the PADI Scuba Diver course, which take 2 and 3 days respectively. Alternatively, you could look to do part of the course before you leave home, and then complete the course with our referral option.

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