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Dahab is a fantastic place to SCUBA Dive with so many different dive sites. You won't be crowded and you'll find our diving team and guides friendly and fun, making Dahab a great place for any first-time SCUBA Diver.
Octopus World Dahab is located in the heart of Dahab Bay, in the friendly atmosphere of the Lighthouse area, only steps away from amazing coral reefs.
Our mission is to offer exceptional diving and training, combined with high quality equipment and excellent instructors.
We have a passion for the aquatic realm and the natural world and we would love to share this passion with you!

  • If you are looking for a place to stay, Dahab has some great camps, hotels, apartments and villas to suit all budgets both for short term and long term let. We are more than happy to arrange your stay in the perfect place for your time here in Dahab!
  • Our roof top terrace is a great chill out area, with a Bedouin seating area, and a brand new class room (with AC for those hot summer days!) and outdoor tables and chairs, perfect for going through PADI knowledge reviews whilst overlooking the beautiful Dahab bay!
  • Join us and enjoy the beauty of our reefs, secure in the knowledge that we care about your well-being, safety and enjoyment, along with a genuine desire to preserve and protect our natural environment.
  • Customer feedback tells us we achieve this consistently, and we work hard to ensure we continue to do so.

Contact us for more info +20 100 689 4588

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Enjoy Scuba diving with Octopus World Dahab Diving Center
We can be your guide to dive anywhere in Dahab and get your liscence

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Learning to Dive is easy and it's fun.
Here at Octopus World Dahab, we offer PADI continuing education courses,
as well as PADI dive courses for beginners.
All courses include PADI certification, full equipment and course manual.
Specialty course prices do not include manuals, manuals price 35 $
Divemaster crew-pack not included in course price.

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Do I have to be in a good physical shape to learn to dive?

You don`t have to be an Olympic Athlete to Scuba Dive, but you do need to be in good general shape. If walking a mile or swimming 400m is too much for you, then you will need to get into better shape before learning to dive. Scuba diving is not strenuous in itself, but we always advise all divers and prospective divers to maintain a good level of physical fitness.

I have Asthma - does that mean I can`t dive?

It depends on the nature of the Asthma. If you are in any doubt, the best advice is to contact a diving doctor, who will perform a series of routine checks and ask you questions which could determine your fitness for diving.

Why is a PADI course the best option for me? What about BSAC or CMAS?

PADI is the most recognised diver training agency world-wide. That means that wherever you go to dive, your PADI certificate will be valid. Although other training agencies such as BSAC and CMAS offer good programmes of learning to dive and continuing education, we feel that you should receive the most recognised certificate possible.

I don`t have enough time to do a PADI Open Water course, but I want to get certified. How can you help me?

We offer the Discover Scuba Diving option and the PADI Scuba Diver course, which take 2 and 3 days respectively. Alternatively, you could look to do part of the course before you leave home, and then complete the course with our referral option.


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    Join us at Octopus World Dahab and enjoy the family atmosphere. Our professional, Instructors look forward to training& guiding you through the beautiful underwater world of Dahab!

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